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Best Paying Jobs of 2021

Best Paying Jobs of 2021

Top 3 Best Paying Jobs of 2021

Best Paying Jobs: All our lives, we are told to study hard, in order to get the best salary jobs. We are given a promise that eventually our hustle would be rewarded in the form of a successful career. Let’s be perfectly candid, money has always been one of the prime motivators for people wanting to choose a productive career path. By securing one of the highest paying jobs in India, all those years that we spent on a formal education will be successfully justified. Every graduate desire to be hired by companies that provide the best job opportunities in India. In order to do so, we are needed to be the best versions of ourselves, both professionally and academically.

The average range of annual salary for most of the highest salary jobs in India is between Rs. 7 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs. Irrespective of your work experience and educational level, being well informed about the highest paying jobs in India for the year 2021, will help you decide the path you want to follow and will eventually enlighten you to find the best jobs in our country. The traditional jobs like Healthcare, Marketing etc., are rapidly being replaced by modern jobs like Data science, Machine Learning etc. It is crucial to note that the lucrative income in all of the aforementioned industries is only influenced by the skill, training, knowledge and work experience of an employee. If you aspire to be hired into one of the best jobs in India, then you need to work on these domains, in order to get an enhanced chance. There are factors, excluding salary packages that influence strong appeal for any industry like, job security, reputation and career growth opportunities.

Let us begin to discuss about the (highest)best paying job in India.

1. Medical professionals

  • Both Government and Private sectors have their own healthcare industries. Due to the rapid advancement in technology, diseases are easy to treat, making a demand for affordable and quality healthcare services. Being the highest paid job, the healthcare industry is expanding at a tremendous rate, which is gearing India up to secure the top three healthcare markets by December of 2021.
  • To start a career in this profession, students must start preparing themselves from the school level, because 60% marks in the stream of science is required from a recognized board of education. A Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) degree is necessary for all aspiring doctors from the Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized institution. Furthermore, they can choose from specializations like Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master of Surgery (M.S.) while pursuing a postgraduate degree, in India. And, in order to get into medical school, candidates are required to crack relevant state-level or institution-level entrance exams.
  • The salary package of medical professionals in India, is determined by their respective specialization streams. The standard salary of medical professionals is around 10 Lakh per annum, where only 25% of these healthcare specialists earn up to 20 Lakh per annum. The average pay will not be the equal for all doctors, for example an eye doctor will be paid differently from a paediatrician, a skin doctor will not have the same earning as a gastrologist and so on.
  • This high-pay job will be an option for you only if you have high levels of compassion and the sheer willingness to help others. You need to be able to have an eye for details, paired with the finest skills for problem solving. You need to be a quick thinker with excellent communication and social skills. In order to excel in this career path, the need for a calm and composed nature with patience and concentration is very crucial.
  • Top companies that offer the highest paying job in the medical industry are: AIIMS, Apollo, Fortis, Max and Columbia Asia.

2. Data scientist

  • Data science is a relatively new career option that came into demand due to the rising need for expertise in the discipline of precisely handling data. This career path offers a lucrative salary package between 4 Lakh to 12 Lakh per annum, depending on your work experience. It is possible for a data scientist with 5 years of experience to get Rs. 60 Lakh to 70 Lakh annually, making it one of the highest paying jobs in India.
  • Eligibility for being a data scientist, is to have an Engineering background in BE or BTech, without any experience in coding. Candidates who are Graduates can apply for an 11-month program in a Data Science Post Graduate Diploma course. You are required to have a strong knowledge in analytics, statistics or mathematics, computer science and programming.
  • In order to have a successful career as a data scientist, you should have the ability to: work with complex and hard formulas, understand customer or business psychology, and have an excellent skill with programming languages. As a data scientist you need to manage, organize and analyze enormous amounts of data collected by your organization, in order to facilitate profit and improve consumer relationships.
  • Top companies that offer the highest salary jobs in the Data science industry are: Amazon, GreyAtom, Procter & Gamble, People Interactive and Walmart Labs.
Best Paying Jobs of 2021

3. Investment banker

  • Investment banking is a career that is considered to be the highest paying job, not only in India, but all over the world. Being an investment banker, you would have to help clients invest their money in a wise manner, in order to generate the best possible returns. Due to the existence of financial institutions, India has a huge network of diverse banking services. Investment banking has been growing steadily as it has been one the best jobs in India for years.
  • For freshers, the average salary begins from 4 lakh to 12 Lakh per annum. Whereas, for experienced personnel the annual pay scale can rise up to 30 Lakh to 40 Lakh. In order to pursue a career as an investment banker you must hold a bachelor’s degree in either Finance, Mathematics, Economics or any related subject. Candidates having a master’s degree or an MBA in Finance or Banking, will be given preference.
  • In order to be successful as an investment banker, you need to have an excellent research and analytical skill along with a firm grasp on statistics. Having a good communication skill is essential because this is the most accelerating job in the country, that requires you to convince clients. Being a high demand job, investment banking is a widely famous career path for youngsters.
  • Top companies that offer the best salary jobs in the banking industry are: Citibank, HSBC bank, Axis Capital Ltd., ICICI Securities Ltd. Etc.

It is clear to see that opportunities for good jobs with high payment scales exist in every industrial sector, which will help you grow both economically and professionally. The only thing you need to do is to persevere with a clear vision of your goals and chosen career path in order to preserve the best opportunity for yourself.

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