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Career as a Mobile App Developer

Due to the rapid growth in the Information Technology industry, a numerous number of job opportunities has risen. The most popular amongst them is the field of Mobile Application Development. Because of the changes that occurred in the way we communicate, access the news or entertainment and carry out businesses, these mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. About 5 billion people in the world has access to mobile devices and are connected to mobile applications.

This innovative medium has been accepted and embraced by everyone, making mobile application development a fast-growing occupation, in India. Careers in Mobile app development will offer good job prospects and an attractive salary package. This is a digitalized era, where technology is subjected to advancements and changes, on a daily basis. Due to this the need for comfort and ease in people’s lives has increased. Mobile apps make the quality of their life better and simple, because they can now get everything from the comfort of their home.

Mobile application developers are experts who are responsible for creating, developing, designing and maintaining impactful apps that we use on our Android and iOS devices. This career is in growing demand because companies are starting to offer their own mobile applications to their customers. There is a mobile application for everything, from ordering food, to playing games, shopping online, paying bills and scheduling appointments, making apps an integral part of our lives.

The use of smartphones amongst 373 million people in India, has inspired companies to build their own mobile apps in order to create a better engagement with their customers. App developers need to understand the client’s software requirements and create innovative mobile apps based on it. They need to be very creative while developing programming languages in order to create applications on multiple platforms like, Android, Windows, iOS etc. Mobile application development is thus a very demanding career that requires extensive knowledge on different programming languages and coding. The competition in this field of mobile app development is also growing day by day.

If you want to work in the app development sector, then you need have in-depth and practical knowledge about programming languages like, Objective C, C++, C#, SQL and Java. In this fast-paced mobile app development industry, you need to keep your technical skills, up to date.


You should have a good analytical ability, along with an amazing technological and programming skill. Being an app developer, you ought to have the ability to solve problems of customers, which can only be done with good communication skills.

You are required to recognise all the special requirements of the client, and create new applications based on those needs. As an app developer you have to invent new techniques to handle glitches or bugs. You are required to develop unique and innovative applications, unlike the already existing ones. You have to apply your problem-solving skills in order to make decisions that will not hinder the progress of any project. You need to exhibit good teamwork so that there is a seamless flow of work.

You should have an eye for details, which will help you pay close attention to every single portion of the app for it to function in a smooth manner. You have to overcome enormous challenges at work. Being a mobile application developer, you will be in charge of bringing the right app with excellent user experience into the market, at the earliest time possible. Working for any of the app development companies, you are required to constantly communicate ground breaking ideas and solutions to teammates and coders which will help influence the development of new applications and the solving of technical problems.

You need to create several versions of the same application for Apple store and Play store. This can be an exciting career choice for you because the demand for mobile apps is growing in an accelerated rate. Either you can work for big or small IT companies, or you can start your freelancing career after graduation.

You have to be a candidate from the science background and you should have a 60% aggregate marks in your 12th exam, from a recognised education board.

In order to excel in this line of work, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in either of the following program-based discipline:
• B.Sc. in Computer Science
• B.Tech. in Software development, or
• Diploma course on Mobile Application development.

Employers in need of mobile application developers, will be looking for professionals with a degree in any of the aforementioned courses. No post graduate degree is required, only a minimum diploma or graduation is enough for this career path, you just need to have a specialised set of skills in order to be a part of this industry.

Due to your highly specialised skill as a Mobile app developer, you will be privy to good financial benefits. Your average annual salary can range from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh. This is an exciting job, that has a chance of instant promotion, if you are working with excellence, therefore giving rise to better salary prospects.

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