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Career Opportunities as a Flight attendant

There is much more to a career in aviation than just tending to the comfort of the on-board passengers and serving them beverages, snacks or meals. The main job of the Cabin crew is to make sure that the airline commuters and crew are safe. They are trained to respond to any emergencies that might occur on the aircraft. They make sure that the aviation rules and regulations are being properly maintained and followed, by everyone. They are responsible for assisting passengers in unprecedented emergencies by keeping them calm and invoking a sense of security for them.

The flight attendant career involves both security and hospitality services for people who are travelling. Stewards and stewardesses try to provide homely comfort to individuals who are flying from one place to another.

This is a high-flying career that is very lucrative and fun. Air hostesses or hosts can be employed either in commercial, national, international or chartered flights, making it an attractive job. A flight attendant has the job of coordinating with the base security to make the travel comfortable for everyone on-board the aircraft. In India, this is a fast-growing career option which is why most students are inclining towards this occupation.

If you have the dream of becoming a flight attendant then there are certain duties that you are required to perform on a daily basis, namely:
• Monitoring of all emergency equipment and safety conditions in the flight.
• Explaining and following all safety procedures on board.
• Providing the best hospitality service.
• Monitoring carry-on baggage and assisting passengers to reach their allotted seats.
• Greeting people when they get on board the flight.
• Attending to individuals in need of special support.
• Responding to any on-flight medical emergency.

There are some eligibility criteria for people who desire to apply in any airline: You must be below 26 years of age and your height should not be less than 5.2ft. Your weight will also be taken into consideration, and it should be proportionate to your height. You must not be married. You need to have a great eye-sight. It is essential for you to be fluent in your Regional language, Hindi, English and one international language in order to communicate better with passengers. No piercings or tattoos are encouraged in this line of work. You need to be of Indian nationality and an Indian passport is required. Your appearance must be professional and you should have a very positive attitude.


If you want to pursue a career as a flight attendant, then you need to have a great communication skill, where you can comfortably talk to strangers and resolve their issues. You ought to have a lot of patience, because this job entails a lot of repeated hard work. For you to become a member of any cabin crew, you are required to be very confident and incredibly soft spoken. A strong problem-solving ability will only help you go a long way in this career path. An excellent coordination skill coupled with a friendly attitude is important. You will have to attend pre-flight briefing and you need to prepare flight reports, every day of your job.

You should be able to answer passenger questions and serve them refreshments with a calming attitude. In order for you to get a good job in this industry, you have to be an “easy to approach” person and you should have a trait of providing a calming effect to others. As a flight attendant you need to be flexible because you will have to work in evenings, weekends and even holidays, as airlines operate 24×7. Being a part of this industry will entail you to stay away from home, for several days every week.

You need to be always ready for a challenge and be service oriented. You should have a good interpersonal skill, listening skill and a confident verbal communication skill in order to help the passengers on the flight. Due to all the stressful situations that may arise in this line of work, candidates are required to have a good critical thinking skill and a fast-paced problem-solving capability. This flight attendant job requires unriveted dedication, as a fresher if you are willing to put your personal life on pause, then this is the best job for you.

You need be a 12th pass candidate in order to apply for any of the certificate, diploma or degree courses required for this job. You can either apply for aviation management courses or air hostess training courses, in order to be eligible for this job. You can also take up MBA or BBA or PG courses in aviation.

The monthly salary of a fresher, will be somewhere between Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 75,000, depending on the airlines (domestic or international) you are working for. Some international airlines offer a monthly salary of Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh, depending on your prior work experience. Being a member of this industry, you will be getting medical insurance and airline facilities like, discounted flight tickets and lounge privileges.

If you love to help people, if you have a peaceful attitude, if you are strong willed and if you love to travel, then being a flight attendant is the best career option for you.

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