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Career Opportunities In The Field Of Animation

The animation industry entered late in India, as compared to other countries, but it has already been subjected to a steady pace of expansion. In recent times, the need for showcasing creativity and the presence of huge salary packages has successfully attracted India’s youth to a career path in Animation, making it one of the most demanded job. This has become a famous profession because of the huge amounts of career growth it entails. The subtle art of bringing fictional characters or objects to life, and giving them an on-screen presence and purpose, is a beautiful job.

Animation is a blend of both the entertainment and the technological industry. As an animator you have to design, draw, create a layout and produce multimedia clips to make it graphically rich and attractive for the viewers. This is an industry that has grown rapidly, even during a global economic catastrophe. This industry provides employment prospective for both 2D and 3D animators in India. If Indian animation projects are outsourced by any global animation giant like Disney, the career opportunities will be prone to an unparalleled growth.

The field of animation should not be confused with cartooning. Cartooning is the simple technique of drawing satirized characters with the aim of inducing a sense of comedy. Whereas, animation is the intricate art of invoking life into these characters with the help of a range of modern computer based sequencing techniques. As an animator you will be able to breathe life into inanimate objects or fictional characters. In order to pursue a career in this profession you are required to get a degree or a diploma in animation, fine arts or graphic designing. Unfortunately, graduate degrees in animation are only offered by a handful of colleges in India. Even though degrees are not prevalent, a huge number of diploma courses are offered by various institutions.

This diploma could extend from six months to eighteen months whereas a bachelor’s degree would be for a span of three-year, and an aggregate of 45% marks is required from a recognised board in order to apply to either of these courses. The essential skills that you are required to have are: an exceptional talent for sketching or drawing and an abundant passion for animation. In order to get a better job prospect, you should have a good visual imagination and a good colour sense. If you want to flourish then you need to have the epitome of creativity and artistic skills.

You have to be very detail-oriented and have a vast knowledge about CAD animation. A good computer skill and a knack for the aesthetics is appreciated by the animation industry. And, most importantly you need to have the ability to express your creative ideas through drawings or sketches. There are many job profiles in animation, from which you can choose from, for example, Background artist, Special effects artist, Character animator, Story boards artist etc.

If you are still in school, you should start working on your aptitude for sketching, drawing, and enhance your computer skills, in order to enter the animation industry with ease. You need to be well informed about this line of work and what it entails, before applying to colleges.


If you have oodles of creativity and imagination and if you are sure about taking up this occupation, then you can apply for Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in the college level. Only choose this career path if you have a passion and a huge understanding of human, animal, bird expressions and movements. This will help you create characters that are influenced by originality and is appropriate for the viewers. You should have lots of patience, be dedicated towards your work and be open to working hard for your goals. Animation is a unique and creative job that requires lots of dedicated multi-tasking work, in order to excel in it.

Young job seekers are being attracted to a career in animation because of how satisfying and lucrative of a profession this is. Being a fresher, you can work as a junior animator in production houses and animation studios. The pay package for people who are new to this profession ranges between Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 per month. If you are able to become a senior animator within 3 to 5 years, your monthly salary will rise up to Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

With innovative experience in huge projects, you are subjected to a pay scale of Rs. 55,000 per month. In India, the demand for animators has exceeded the supply, because the industry is in need for more than thirty thousand personnel every year. As an employee of the animation industry, you can get the chance of working in top sectors like: Cartoon production, Advertising, Video game creation, Theatre, Television and film, E-learning and Online and print news media.

Being an animator, you can create worlds and characters that will teach children or remind adults of moral values. You can give life to fascinating and charming realities for everyone to get lost in. Animation can be considered as the closest thing to magic that humans have. Being a part of this industry, it can give you boundless scope to manifest your imagination with love and skill. You can literary “draw” your career being an animator.

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