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Different Between Bpo Vs Kpo Sectors

There is some rise in growth we have seen in the recent years in the global outsourcing sector, despite of the slowdown that is happening in world. In these times, the business process outsourcing is being used by almost every organization, sector and multinational company across the globe, in specific because of how it helps to organisations to save the costs expenses and will help in focusing on their core functions.

If we have look in back times, BPO services industry has acquire a lot of attention be it small or medium enterprises(SMEs) who are looking to widen their operation at a much affordable price.

Usually their will come a point of time when the companies small team will not be possible that they will be able to attend every call or able to message them anymore. Being as a company owner, you know that even if you will not be able to attend anyone call, then that customer’s call will be count as the opportunity missed. That is why you will require a team of individuals that are assigned in particularly for taking the customer inquiries. These BPO companies generally get tasks which are kind of non-complex in nature but still it occupies a lot of time to finish the tasks.

There are some bpo services which is offered by the companies that are contact center solutions this involves as customer support, technical support, telemarketing, and the likewise support work. These are some additional business process outsourcing work which is Non-Voice solutions such as the Data Entry, Data cleaning and data validation.

We should thanks to the advance innovations in the technologies, some bpo companies are utilizing the omnichannel support to give more accessible answers to the customers to expand the reach of the business. The bpo companies should know the essentials of which kind of medium they would want to keep active. Those bpo companies which are reliable outsourcing and offshoring can provide assist in researching on where their customers are located at and how they can reach to them easily.

There some differences in the BPO and KPO which you should be aware of. The Business Process outsourcing or BPO is a kind of outsourcing of some of the organization activity to some other third party in order to reduce cost and save time.

These functions generally consist of the back office or front office activity work. The work of front office services are related to the interacting with the client and providing the customer support, back office services which are mostly related to the finance field or HR. If the work of outsourcing is done to a organization which is located at outside of the parent company’s country, then it will called as offshore outsourcing.

The job of BPO is that they are capable of handling the work of both the front-end as well as back end of an organization.

These are an array of services that BPO companies provides which are as follow :
• Handling customer care work which is call center, help desk, front office etc.
• Working on human resource activity which consist of recruitment and selection, training and placement, payroll processing etc.
• Providing the technical support that is answering the customer issue which is related to technical work.
• Offering financial related services which is finance and accounting,
• There are some website services like providing the web hosting.
• The work of performing transcription.

There are different types of BPO companies like:
• The first is Call Center Outsourcing , this is that usually receive inbound customer calls or they make outbound marketing calls and some time even act as technical support center.
• Next is Processing Data Entry, they work on both aspect like updating data on websites, catalogues and databases. Or performing the offline data entry which involves creating documents, different spreadsheets and also updating the data.
• Third type is Financial BPO companies outsourcing, they work on the services which are related to accounting, working on bookkeeping, analyzing financial.
• Last type is Engineering BPO companies outsourcing in which they offer wide range of services in the field of civil, structural or mechanical field.


Now, there is another term which we should know KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing which is a subset part of BPO. The job of KPO which involves is outsourcing the core functions which may or may not provide some cost related benefits to that parent company but will surely assist in addition in terms of value. There are some processes which is outsourced to KPO companies which is mostly are more specialized and require knowledge based if we compared to BPOs.

There are some services which include is performing business research, research in marketing, working on outsourcing of legal process, doing writing as well as development of contents, have a creativity in Design etc.

These are some benefits in the KPO industry which is:
• We have very much access to professionals. There are many KPOs wo provides a convenient solutions to have access of experience as well as talent without going through the process of hiring and training new employees.
• We will have complete reduction of per head desk space and also resource requirements because of the KPOs. This will result in reducing investment in real estate and technology.
• We will see the rise in the competitiveness. When will have freed internal resources and having access to new talents and ideas, there is increase in competition in the organization.

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