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Digital Marketing, Best Career Option

In order to connect with consumers, marketing has always been one of the core pillars for every business and company. In today’s era, a new wave of marketing was born due to the advent of the world wide web. Because of this, the shift of business has been drastic from offline methods to online ones. Digital marketing is a technique that uses digital technologies to market products and services on digital platforms. This created a huge scope and an array of job opportunities for millennials.

People choose digital marketing over traditional or offline marketing because the reach generated by online marketing is incomparable. A career in digital marketing is just for you if you get fascinated by the advertisements, memes, amazing affiliate blogs and unique company promotions that you come across all over the internet. In order to have a successful career in this arena, you must have great knowledge of Social media platforms, web analytics, Search engine optimization, Algorithms and Advertisements. Due to the massive growth of digital marketing in recent years, it is expected to create over 20 lakh job opportunities in India by the end of 2021.

If you are still a student and you have a keen interest in this field of work, you should start preparing for this career as soon as you can, because it will eventually generate a steep competition among job seekers.

With amplified internet access for people all over India a huge rise of online marketplaces or e-commerce websites is being noticed, therefore the need for Digital marketers is drastically increasing. With the world in the grasp of digitalization, all companies will eventually be subjected to having an online presence, giving rise to the need for digital marketing services. With new technological developments every other day, this field of work is very progressive as it needs you to enhance your skills every day to grow your career.

This would be the best career opportunity for you because the digital economy of India is growing at an unprecedented rate as compared to the traditional economy. Due to the presence of online marketing, companies are being able to create jobs for everyone.

Digital marketing provides you with an ample amount of career options, for example if you are a passionate writer then you can get a job as a content marketer and an SEO writer or if you love coding then you can opt for an occupation in web designing. In short, the opportunities provided by this field of work is huge, but enjoyable. You can follow your desired path and earn a handsome amount of money from it. You can never be bored of working if you are a digital marketing specialist, because everyday it gets new and interesting. You will have a positive attitude and work with energy.

The qualifications that are obligatory may differ from position to position because digital marketing is a broad field with huge number of job opportunities. You can either have a bachelor degree in marketing, business analytics or other related fields, in order to enter the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is essential for brands to reach their customers because the modern information sources have transferred online.

You can create compelling online advertisements and digital content being a digital marketer. You need to have a good researching skill in order to have a decent knowledge about online trends and analytics. You are also required to be up-to-date with current affairs. Even if you have no educational background in marketing related subjects, you will still excel in this career path by taking up a good digital marketing course. This will help you shape your future and harness your skills.

Even though digital marketing as a career is highly lucrative and rewarding, there are certain negative aspects as well. The jobs and roles under this marketing career lacks work structure and the initial pay can be low. In the preliminary stage of this job, it can easily take up a lot of your time, and make you work extensively. Even so, if you are very passionate about this career, you can choose it because of the increase in demand and the need for no particular degree. You will also be subjected to have a high variety of options to choose from as your specialized job. Being employed by a digital marketing company you will be given an annual salary of about 4.7 lakhs.

If you want to shine in this career path you need to have both Analytical skills, writing skills and Soft skills. You need to be very result-oriented and have a professional attitude. You have to be very creative, and should be flexible and keen on learning new things every day. In the business world, digital marketing jobs are on the rise of being an integral part, so choosing this complex yet safer career option should be perfect for you!

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