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Considering Ethical Hacking As A Career

The Information Technology (IT) industry has become one of the largest jobs providing sector in India because of the unparalleled opportunities it provides to establish a lucrative career for someone. Due to the numerous advancements in technology, the career in cyber security has become one of the most prominent occupational choice for students. Inspired by institutions, where a professional thieve is hired in order to identify the ambiguities in their security system, the cyber security sector has made hacking legalised through the concept of Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing.

This is a type of legal hacking where computer experts determine the form of upgrades that are needed in the cyber security of any company for its systems to become impenetrable. A certified ethical hacker will legally and analytically attempt to breach a network or system to find vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to sensitive data exploitation of any company. The methods used by ethical hackers in order to analyse the possible data breaches and security susceptibilities are the same illegal techniques used by malicious hackers when they try to bypass the defence of any system. Even though the tools of hacking are immoral, the aim behind it is noble.

Ethical hacking is the deliberate hacking of computer systems, in order to avoid the possibilities of cyberwarfare like, data theft or identity theft. These hackers are legally employed by renowned corporations in order to determine the threats to their servers by infiltrating their network to test the security framework and protect their private information. Ethical hackers will help their employers by eradicating or diminishing the chance of cyber attacks by bypassing their security in the search for weaknesses that has the potential to be subjected towards exploitation by unethical hackers. Ethical hackers are sometimes called white hat hackers because they seek permission before performing their job.

This is a new career opportunity that was brought to existence due to the emergence and need for cyberspace or digital space in all types of industries, from banking to shopping. Ethical hackers aim to counter the attacks of malicious hackers who try to break into the security system of any company in order to commit fraud and steal data by jeopardising and disrupting their documents and files.

To establish a successful career in the unconventional field of Ethical Hacking, a simple and mainstream degree is usually not enough. A set of specialised and intensive training will be essential, if you want to thrive as an ethical hacker. You need to be very erudite with all types of technical and technological notions, along with which you are required to have a uniquely divergent mind. A type of unparalleled “out of the box” creative thinking skill should flow naturally through your mind, if you want to have a good opportunity in this competitive job.


You will be required to handle pressure and meet deadlines, with your work. Breaching complicated and hard to crack firewalls will be a consistent challenge, for which you will be expected to come up with new approaches and methods of hacking. Before applying to this job, you need to have a transparent knowledge on programming languages like, Python, C, C++, Ruby and operating systems like Linux, Windows and Firefox. Your problem-solving quality will be an important aspect if you want to become an Ethical Hacker. Your abilities will grow and reinforce over the years, with more practical experience and exposure in the industry.

Before everything else, you will have to understand the pattern and intensions of the criminal hackers, in order to work as an ethical hacker just like any police detective would do. You will be in charge of stopping cyber-crimes in your organization, by framing innovative ways to protect information and preventing vulnerabilities in their security. After your work is done, you have to evaluate and create written reports that are transparent and elaborative for your clients, in order to help them keep tabs on their cyber loopholes.

With technological developments that are happening every day, as an ethical hacker, an important requirement will be for you to keep yourself updated with everything. By incorporating your knowledge of computer tools, you will be helping your clients become safe from cyber criminals. Your career as an ethical hacker will be determined by how well you can implement your talents in both practical and technical aspects.

There are certain guiding principles of hacking that you need to follow, as directed by the Indian Law, namely:
• Respecting your client’s privacy,
• Getting a written permission from your employer before hacking the network to identify potential risks in their security,
• Not leaving any step of your hacking method open for others to exploit, after you have completed your work,
• Getting to know about all the existing vulnerabilities to the software or hardware before proceeding with the hacking.

In order to work in this industry, you need to have a certified Ethical hacking course. For which you can only be eligible if you are a graduate with a bachelor’s degree of B.Sc. or B.Tech. in Information technology or Computer science. You can then pursue courses like Certified Ethical Hacker or Hacking Forensic Investigator and further study courses like GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) by SAN and GIAC and Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA). Presently, in India the annual pay scale of a fresher in this industry is Rs. 4.8 Lakhs and a more qualified candidates with experience can earn up to Rs. 30 Lakh annually, making this new career path very lucrative.

You job prospects will be enhanced if you study the required certificate courses and have all the essential technical, analytical and practical skills required for you to become an amazing Ethical Hacker.

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