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How to get started with Event Management As A Career Option

As social beings, all types of festivities are an integral aspect that contributes to our existence and our happiness. In India, events and occasions tend to bring everyone together making it the heart and soul of the country. Festivals have their roots burried deep inside our culture, therefore as citizens of India, we cannot evade them. Due to the demand for hosting events, Event management companies are growing rapidly giving rise to a profitable career option for many students in India. In order to properly host large international events like, seminars and organize private events like, weddings, a group of experienced professionals are required to perfectly execute everything.

An event manager is in charge of all the budget planning and envisioning a whole concept for the event. They have to endure stressful schedules and irregular working hours, but the ultimate satisfaction from hosting an event successfully is beyond comprehension. Event managers are responsible for professionally organising events for an audience with the perfect planning. From concerts to theme parties and exhibitions, event managers are needed for every little thing, making this career extremely in demand. Even if there is a growing demand, the availability of qualified event managers is inadequate, making it a great employment opportunity for candidates who desire to choose this career. Event management is a flexible occupation that offers independence to work with creativity and uniqueness. Due to the presence of glamour, flamboyance and glitz in Event management, it is becoming an important aspect of the corporate world. There is a bright career in this occupation.

If you are passionate about this career path, you need to have a great organising ability with a focused target audience. You need to plan everything from scratch and visualise the concepts that will design the event in an attractive way. You need to have a good accounting ability because you will be in charge of all the budgeting. A good executional ability will help you plan the events with ease. You are required to be very flexible, in order to work in different events like, concerts, weddings, product launches, fashion shows etc. You need to be able to multifunction because this career path requires it. You have to be very creative in order to meticulously plan every detail of the event in a perfect manner.

Perfection is a key component in Event management, the organised event cannot be subjected to any kind of failure. You need to work with the relationship manager, as well as the marketing department to have a seamless planning process. As an event manager you need to exceed the expectations of your clients, on a regular basis, so you have to professionally exert yourself to work better than the previous event. Your events should be memorable and beautiful, in order to influence people so that they keep talking about it for months.

You are required to posses a great creative thinking that is way outside the box, along with good negotiation skill. A good communication skill and leadership ability should be a trait that you possess in order to properly manage your clients. A huge amount of patience and a good sight for the smallest of details is a must. You should always be focussed on your goals for the project you are handling and never be distracted by impractical things. Challenges will be a daily aspect in this job, you should be able to adjust and solve these problems with ease. It is essential to be always open to criticism, and taking that banter in a positive manner.


You need to always be able to improve your abilities and skills, with every event you conquer. You have to gradually become better with every step you take in this career path. You need to work for the delight of your client and listen to all of their needs, in order to create the perfect event for them. With work and more experience you might eventually be able to work with celebrities and organize their events.

If you want to work in this creative field, you need to apply for PG diploma courses or UG degree like Event and venue management. Any institute that offers an event management course will require a very creative and organizational mind from its candidates. You can apply for a job in any event Management Company, and earn up to Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month as a fresher. Eventually with experience in the field of event management, you can earn a monthly salary of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh.
This is a very interesting and beautiful career because it lets you bring your imagination to life. If you have a creative mind and the niche for organizing things, then this could be the perfect career option for you.

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