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Government Job Vs Private Job. What Should You Choose?

The never-ending debate regarding the comparison of Government job and Private job has been a major issue, for students who are on the verge of starting their career. Both of these administrative sectors have their own perks and limitations, contributing to the nation-wide confusion. The toughest question in a student’s life would be this: What should I opt for, because there are both government job vacancies and private job vacancies? Well, it all depends on one’s own preference, if they want to build a career doing a “sarkari naukri” or do private sector jobs. It is better to make a calculated and knowledgeable decision when it comes to career selection. Before jumping into any conclusions, students must keep all doors open, by having a broader perspective and not fixating on one sector, which would help them get a chance at having excellent opportunities.

The major difference between Government jobs and Private jobs, are their systematic interview process. When it comes to government job vacancies for IAS, Banking, State Service, UPSC etc., which is always announced publicly, the first round of their lengthy interview process is a written exam. Candidates need to prepare for this test, very thoroughly by enhancing their general knowledge and reasoning skills, which can take months, even years.

If the student was successful enough to crack this exam and is eligible for the job, they might be called for the last round of the interview. There are no criteria that states to hire graduates for Government jobs, because there is 10th pass govt jobs available. Whereas, in the private sector, candidates are required to be graduates and are requested to report to the head offices in order to attend a series of interview rounds. Passing each round would make them eligible for the job, and hence they might get hired.


Just a few years ago in India, Government jobs were given the top priority because it was deemed to have the best salary package, better job security and most of all, a long list of holidays. But, with the arrival of many Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) a new era of modernization and globalization was born in the country, showering the job market with new opportunities in the form of lucrative packages and perks. This enticed the youth to give up on Government jobs and apply for Private jobs.

The main factor influencing the dilemma of which sector seems better is the need for job satisfaction. It is safe to say that every person has different sets of knowledge, expertise and talent, making them unique in their own way. So, job satisfaction in a particular career path is different with each individual, be it the latest govt jobs or private jobs, depending on how happy and satisfied they are with their career.


To sum everything up, Advantages of a Government job are:
• Pension,
• Stability,
• Flexibility,
• Job security, and
• Low pressure.

Whereas, the Advantages of a Private job are:
• Quick procedure of selection,
• High pay,
• Good work environment
• Appraisals, and
• Professional growth.

The most important ingredient to success is not being afraid of taking risks. Being young gives you a lot of time to genuinely think about your future and then experiment just a little with your goals, before you settle for a preferred career path. Be it a Government job or a Private job, you need to love your work first, and then put effort into it by staying focused. You should not live this beautiful life with regrets, so choose your career wisely.

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