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How to Prepare For A Leadership Role

How to prepare for a Leadership Role?

Nearly everyone has this dream of working in a management domain, to pursue a leadership role. However, most of the candidate does not focus on the required skills and the required pressure handling techniques, off-course Leadership positions come with increased pay a prestigious designation and extra perks. But to be a successful leader and work in management domain – you need to be honest with your skills, strategies and your pressure handling skills.

Moving into management and Leadership roles is a big responsibility , it requires maturity and tremendous experience. Working in Management will is working for company important decision making mechanism and you decision will directly or indirectly impact the company growth and future goals, and its value.

Lets consider few important factors before considering a smart switch to a leadership role or getting into the management profile.

Do you understand how your entire responsibilities will change?

After you switch to a management profile or leadership profile your daily responsibilities will be completely changed, its likely that managers have to take on administrative tasks which you may or may not like. You’ll have to supervise and attend more daily meetings and ensure others development and growth. Earlier it was your growth where you focused now others growth will help you grow and your company achieve the desire goal.

In order to achieve this you Don’t have to simply consider your tasks and responsibilities, but also think about factors like number of your working hours and people whom you are working with. Professional development is often complicated. Employees in different companies receive frequent trainings for a variety of developments. Employer requires workers with new skills and also consider potential in an employee and then consider offering them an opportunity.

If you’re not sure how to get started with this approach your manager or HR department for the required training and IJP, have a conversation about your goals and required skills. Its important to take proper and honest feedback about your own skills and area of improvement. You will have enough resources to cover and to get started.

While you are working as an individual employee, you’re just one part an organization, you know the company goal and your work target , but you may not know all the internal strategies and details in depth

Leaders have to consider several dimensions of the entire work which is going on in any company and the team. If any of the department or individual employee is under performing, as a leader you will have to then identify the root cause and also understand how it’s going to impacts others. Individual work quality can lead to overall productivity and hurt other tram members moral / motivations factor. having said that, it could be also be a sign of a other issues within team or employee development plans, their can be possibilities that the employee needs additional resources and support.

As a manager, your job is to understand and think from different perspectives and possibilities to figure out various possible root cause and its solutions that would work for both any individuals and the entire organization.



What do they do – The leader !

Notice your manager and other leader, find out what do they do and their unique way of handling situation, how they motivate others, their communication skills, how they provide any feedback or take escalations. Before taking on a leadership role, you are advised to consider your required skills and which method is going to work for you the best way. It’s best to start with the basics and here are some of the important characteristics to consider:

  • How do you like to communicate with others?
  • Do you prefer as a group or talking one-on-one ?
  • What types of personalities you don’t like to work with?
  • How much information do you want to receive?
  • How do you appreciate others?

Think of all the difficult situations you’ve experienced during your own career and then re-examine these events as a manger and a leader. Don’t just think about what you would do or say but also consider how others would react. If you can work on these parameters and handle these tough situations then you’ve identified your leadership style.

You now know that if you are not prepared then getting into a leadership role or management wont be easy for you and all you need is to identify you area of improvement as a leader and stay focused, and honestly your manager is the best resource to seek help and guidance on this.

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