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How To Prepare for NEET Medical Exam

There are so many aspirants who will be preparing for NEET exam 2021. They are continuously learning and practising with expectations and having a full of dreams to fulfil. This NEET exam which stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is held by the National Testing Agency. The NEET exam is a medical entrance test conducted nation-wide for medical aspirants in order to seek admission to undergraduate medical courses in different government as well as private institutes in India.

NEET exam has gone through a several changes over the years. NEET exam is conducted on the three subjects which is Physics, Chemistry and Biology in order to determine the eligibility of candidates. The purpose of NEET exam is that it is the gateway that regulates the suitability of students to get into the most prestigious Medical colleges and universities of India.

Those students who will be applying and appearing for NEET 2021 in undergraduate and postgraduate courses which is offered by National Testing Agency(NTA) is the kind of vision which is everyone who wants to pursue a career in Doctor. Some students might take months to prepare for NEET exam in order to solidify their claim at a higher rank. There is some great misconception that NEET is very much difficult to crack because it is considered as toughest Medical exam of the country.

This is the main reason why so many students often go overboard while preparing for NEET by reducing the use of other things like using social media and studying hard every night. There are sometimes when a student not able to clear the NEET exam, then blame will be on how they were studying instead of the study material from which they were studying.

These are the common concern that the study notes which is provided by NEET coaching centres can be insufficient and subordinate to actually help the students in preparing for the exams in a very effective way to get the desired outcome. There are around 15 Lakhs students who appears for the NEET entrance exam out of which only 57% of the students get admission in one of 555 colleges in India. The main reason is because of the lack of the right type of preparation using the NEET syllabus. There are possibilities of cracking the NEET exam in very first attempt, but only if one has the proper understanding of the process of preparation and has access to the right resources.

Now we will discuss some effective suggestions, some great insights and proper plan of study that would help you in acing the NEET exam:

• You must plan a proper schedule of study hours to complete the NEET syllabus within particular time. The benefit of having proper study schedule for NEET is that once you will finish with a task, you know what is the next task on your schedule. Which is why if starting your day the same way can motivate you to study consistently, even when you don’t feel like studying.


• You should not miss out any topics and chapters which you think are not so much important for NEET. Any question will come from any topic or chapter so don’t leave any topic. You must study and finish all the topics as what happens sometimes an easy question can come from the topic which you think are unimportant or difficult to read. If you think that the chapter which are studying is difficult .

• Start studying from NCERT textbooks, coaching modules and references books for learning as well as practising NEET level questions. Study as much as from NCERT textbooks through line by line. Solve as many examples as you can, practise exercise, summary and everything which is NCERT because it is important for NEET.

• You should make habit of what you study, then revise that topic. Try to write a revision note for the last minute revision before the tests and exams. In your study schedule you should have a fixed revision slots. The theory concept which are studying along with this practise and solve questions to revise effectively.

• You should try to join a coaching class because that will increase your chances of cracking the NEET exam. By joining Coaching classes will gives you a great exposure to quality teaching, questions and the tests which are conducted on the basis of NEET exam pattern. By practising in coaching classes, will enhance your confidence to crack a NEET exam in the first attempt.

• You must be regular in your coaching classes. In coaching classes teacher will teach any day about the key tricks and important lessons. You must always have a priority of finishing your given assignments and homework on particular time.

• You must clear the doubts which you will have in concepts as soon as possible because having doubts that will lead you to frustrations, will make procrastinate things, you will have disappointments and then many hurdles in your journey of preparations.

• In last, after having all preparations done start giving mock tests, do self analyse where you made mistake and work constantly on improvement. You must mange in your time very well between studies which you are doing and some other tasks which will keep your mind, body active and fit. And try to stay always positive and have a strong determination for your goals.

Being a NEET aspirant, you must have a motivation enough to take mock tests practise very seriously and prepare in a way that you are ready for anything. Invest your time wisely and have a timely revisions by following a proper study schedule. You should have ability to analyse the NEET exam in an efficient and effective way to help prepare yourself in a much better way.

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