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How to Search For Overall Job Satisfaction ?

Instead of a Job – Search for Job Satisfaction

The importance of job satisfaction is the most important factor to consider when searching for any new job. yes we all do focus on annual package, incentives, designation, and yes brand !, but there are still several other important factors to consider. The work culture has changed drastically due to COVID-19, A previous report and analysis states that the commute and colleagues had the greatest impact on an employee’s job satisfaction. Company and its work culture plays a key role in long-term satisfaction.

How to prioritize the importance of job satisfaction in our job hunt? Let us cover some important points how below factors are important and should be considered before you are selecting any job profile or your employer.

  • Work environment
  • Daily workload
  • Communication
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Support from management
  • Mental health awareness

Work environment

Work environment has a huge impact on job satisfaction, the environment in which you work directly or indirectly impacts your emotions, productivity and focus. It is important to determine what kind of environment your current or future company is going to offer you and what will be best for you. To ensure a proper work environment, find a company that can offer you a best workspace and that can ultimately suit your working preference.

Daily workload

Offcourse we will be assigned with a work , a task to finish for our company and you may or may not like it, but you need to find your interest in your work and measure ho much work and daily work pressure you can handle, and yes will you be able to handle similar work pressure throughout the year ? Maybe your answer is yes, but do consider your profile and roles, and its responsibilities before selecting your job.Because you are going to spend the entire day doing this work, hence its important that you are absolutely OK with the day-to-day workload and assigned task in order to be satisfied in your job.


After the current COVID-19 work environment most the companies are still still working remotely, understanding how employees must be collaborating with each other and this is an important key factor to consider. Whether you’re on-site or working from remote, you will need to get along with other fellow employees in order to meet the business requirements.

It clearly states that communication is an will be a key role on how a company connects with each other and it will definitely have a huge impact on job satisfaction.

While you are looking for job, explore the job portal and official websites and figure out what type of tools or application are being used by the company for team collaborations and communication.Never hesitate to connect with HR or company official email id and seek more information on this.

Rewards and Recognition

Who don’t loves to get appreciated and rewarded ? Feeling appreciated and acknowledged at workplace will definitely impact Job satisfaction. No matter what is your designation, it always feels good to be rewarded for your hard work and recognized by the management. We all wants to be appreciated for a job well-done. Nowadays companies are utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn, to publish and announce reward and recognition for any internal appraisals.


Support from management

A proper guidance from management is important factor for growth and to successfully achieve your career goals. A constructive feedback and regular update from management and seniors will not only keep you motivated but also fuel you to perform more and be dedicated to you company. Access to the resources and support from management, seniors are important factors to consider.

Find out how supportive the management is and how leaders are interacting or approachable to employees, this will ensure that the company is giving their employees the required guidance.

Mental health awareness

Your potential employer should recognize how your job and work culture will impact your personality and mental health, while considering other factors, don’t neglect how any companies handle the topic of mental health for each employees. Try to seek this information from current or previous employees of that company about the company’s work-life balance. You may also ask this in your interview if there’s a system in place to prevent employees from burnout and how the company is helping its employees who are affected by mental health issues or any personal stress.

To be satisfied in your job, you need to ensure that your potential employer cares about you both personally and also professionally. Consider above points and do a proper research to ensure you get a perfect work culture and you know that your employer has enough resources and measures to ensure a perfect work culture and workplace environment. Utilize social media, specially LinkedIn to explore various company and its current and previous employee and seek required information before you apply for job.

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