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Importance of Cover Letter

The purpose of writing a cover letter is one of the most important aspects in the process of Job searching. The cover letter should consist details of your specific qualifications for the position you are applying and the skill set you can bring to the employer. When applying to various jobs openings, the cover letter is one of the crucial opportunity in highlighting the most relevant qualifications and experiences you have.

If you will write cover letter along with the CV, when applying to jobs will improve your job application profile and will have more chances of getting an interview call. The cover letter is a crucial aspects part of the job application, the cover letter must consist of attention grabbing and briefly.

The Application letter , also called as a cover letter, is a kind of document which we sent with the provide so to be able to give more additional information regarding the skill and professional work experience to an employer. This cover letter is an one of the necessary aspect as providing the cover letter will give the chance to explain to an employer that why you will be the best candidate for the particular job.

You should not get confused with personal statements for your CV, cover letters should be the complement of your CV or Resume, not the duplicate of this. The purpose of the cover letter is mainly is that this should be presented professionally and should be serve as a kind of sort introduction about you. There are lot of job seekers today will think that if sending a cover letter along with the resume is appropriate or not – but the answer is Yes. Although even If an employer not asking or mentioning in the job description for sending the cover letter, it will not be bad to send one.

Generally, the rules of writing a cover letter is that you should write three to five short paragraphs. When you are sending the cover letter digitally, you should put the content in the body section of the email instead of providing as an attachment, in order to get avoid by spam filters. Everyone should include a cover letter until and unless the particular job advertisements instruct you differently.

When writing Cover Letter keep in mind that each cover letter must be different according to job requirements, just like your CV is different for different jobs. There are some basic elements when writing a cover letter is that you should consider, keep your cover letter in brief. When writing you should make sure that your cover letter application supports instead of detracts from the resume. We can break down into the following the sections :


• In The First Paragraphs, you should start the opening statement with the purpose of why you are writing the cover letter. Start by mentioning the job position you are applying for, from where saw the job opening and then when you will be ready to start.

• The Second Paragraph will cover about why you are suitable for the particular job, what attracted you to this job positions, why you want to work for that organisation and what you can offer to the company.

• Third Paragraph which should consist of highlight your professional work experience and provide demonstration how your skills will match the specific requirements of that particular Job description. You will also summarize the additional strengths you have and must explain how these will be beneficial for the organisation.

• Fourth and Final Paragraph is the closing paragraph to summing up your cover letter. You should repeat your enthusiasm towards the role you are applying and show your desire for an interview chance. This is the time that you should mention any unavailable dates. Lastly, finish this paragraph of the cover letter by thanking the employer and should write that you are looking forward to receiving the response.

When completed read through the paragraph and you must remove any unnecessary words and sentences. You should try not to occupy space by repeating what’s you already mentioned in your CV.

You should always try to address someone in your cover letter directly to the person who will read the cover letter. You should keep this in mind that if you will send the cover letter to the right person, then you will more likely have a chance of response. When you will find a job in job portals, they mostly include a contact name, however if not there, you must try to search out who the letter should be addressed to the person.

You can find the person by searching the company’s website for details of the hiring employer or other option is that you should try to contact by calling the company to ask who you should mention in the address part in the letter. You should not be afraid of trying this, many employers appreciate you taking the time and effort to do this.
However, If still you couldn’t find name, then you should start with these generally greeting like:

• Dear Sir / Madam
• Dear Hiring Manager

This way of general greetings is should be used only one time when you will use methods of finding a contact person.
The way you will sign off your cover letter depends on how you have addressed it. Like if you include any named contact in start, you should sign off with “yours sincerely”. But if you have used general greeting method, sign off with “yours faithfully”. Try to do as much as research about the company so that you can include some points about the company you are applying. So, Cover letter is an important part and will rise your chance of having a interview with the company.

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