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Career in the Indian Navy

The 7th most powerful navy in the world, is our Indian Navy consisting of 300,000 tons of seafaring vessels. Choosing the Indian Navy as a career option is a very valiant task that requires a strong determination to serve the nation. You need to be enriched with a robust sense of patriotism, selflessness and sacrifice. It is definitely not an easy decision, because it entails you to spend months away from your loved ones on endless seas, with only the aim of serving India.

Being a naval officer will teach you eternal duty and commitment, while safeguarding your country. By choosing this honourable career path, you will be serving the people of India by protecting them as a line of defence. If you have a strong sense of adventure then you will enjoy living in the expansive waters. You need to align your mind, body and soul for one goal, “Protecting India”.

Choosing Indian navy jobs will not only be “just a job” for you, but a pledge. This will be a lifelong commitment for the future of this country. Your decision will create a ripple effect that will inspire other youngsters to join the Navy. You will be offered with plenty of opportunities and professional challenges to explore your unique potential in every aspect of life.

In your career as a Naval officer, you will be confronted with tough challenges that would definitely help you to manifest techniques in order to exploit your full potential. You will have the golden opportunity to grow as a professional by obtaining unparalleled skills and experience from your time of service. If you are willing to join Indian navy, then you should be aware of the incomparable security and comfort that comes with this job.

The role of the Indian Navy is massive, that ranges from providing assistance during natural disasters, to protecting the country from enemies by fighting a war. As a Naval officer you need to act as a deterrence against sea-borne intrusion and work towards maintaining India’s territorial integrity. An Indian navy career will also require you to defend India’s maritime trade and marine routes, as a crew on board sophisticated combat ships.

Before thinking of choosing Indian navy jobs after 12th, you should first be willing to work efficiently for endless hours by following intense routines under extreme pressure.

It is evident that at the Indian navy you will find that there is so much more to gain from life than just a mere salary. The experience that you can gain from this career will be priceless for your personal growth as it will be the foundation of your future.

If you earnestly want to make a difference in the world and in your personal life, then Indian navy career is the best option for you. You can develop respected skills based on bravery and valour. Your life would mean a lot for the country and you will be respected and saluted for your service by every Indian. You will also have a chance to explore and travel the world, since the ships and submarines of frequently visit a foreign port, on missions.

Your Indian navy career will help you prove your leadership skills, with every career progression. With gradual escalations in your rank, you will see yourself grow and become prepared to handle larger responsibilities by supervising equipment and captaining teams. With years of experience, you will be able to harness leadership qualities that will help you motivate, train and communicate efficiently with your subordinates. You will be looked up to as a role model, both in your Navy life and in your mundane life.

There are different fields of jobs that are available which you can choose from in the Navy, namely Engineering, Electrical, Education, Medical and Executive. The selection process for cadets consists of a written examination (UPSC) followed by an interview by the Service Selection Board (SSB). Both young and bright students from schools or colleges can apply for the Indian navy job. The Indian navy can offer an exciting and special career path that has an extraordinary travel opportunity, along with the ability to enjoy meeting new people.

Even after retirement, the time you spend serving in the Indian Navy can never be underestimated, because this Naval career will help you get a good stead for civil service. As a service personnel, you will be infused with a high level of responsibility and reliability that will be recognised in the industry. You will have a distinct advantage due to your background. After serving more than 15 years in the Indian navy you will be able to retire with a monthly pension from the Government.

Being in the Indian navy is the best possible career path if you are energetic and enthusiastic to protect your mother country, India.

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