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Interview Mistakes, Why People Don't Get Hired

Do you plan and research before you buy any stuff ? Yes you do right ?

if you are looking for job and appearing for an interview in you dream company you need to sell you skills, believe it or not but you the employer will get into every details before you are hired.

Here we have highlighted common or you may say top mistakes why people don’t get hired regardless of good experience. If you think cracking any interview is a easy-peasy job, no its not, specially after the COVID-19 crises. Company is getting into every single details before hiring any new talent or assert for the company.

Lets get started with the commonly made mistakes during the hiring process.

Personal appearance:

Yes how you present yourself and your overall appearance is the most important factor. The way you dress-up an what you wear and how you wear, and carry yourself will make a huge impact on hiring decision. SO what to choose between Formal and casual dressing culture ? It requires little bit of research, its always recommended that we wear formal during our interviews. However if you are wearing too much formals, you may not be be hired by a younger interviewer, yes they might feel you are out of date, similarly if you are wearing too much of casuals and too informal, the interviewer may feel insulted, may think that you may not fit into thier work place culture.

What to do? The thumb rule is: Balance the level of formal wear, its best recommended that you do little bit of research on the company and its work culture, Exploring their social media pages can be a good idea. Similarly work on your hair style, beards, body order, sweat etc, these all things matters, and can make you decent or messy.

Lack of energy level and enthusiasm

Your interviewer will assign you fee minutes to understand you and your skills, if you are presenting your experience and skills with no interest or low in energy, their are less or no chances that you will be hired. If you are not full of energy during your own interview thier are less chances that you are actually interested to work or will work with energy level if hired.

What to do? Utilize your own voice as an instrument speak with confidence and speak to impress others with your skills and past experience. Often try to change your pitch volume to keep them interested. Most of the candidates are rejected and not hired simply because they fail to prepare their own introduction and fail to explain their own CV. Prepare well before appearing for an interview and know what to speak, mention things only which can be well discussed during the interview, highlight your strong areas.

Your Body Language :

Yes , it starts with your head to toe, how you make your eye contact and movement of your hand, everything else. When it comes to good Body Language, refer to key elements of basic of good communication, use SOLER’s position. If you are a fresher , the best advise would be to talk to business people or your seniors. Never try to hide your eyes and fold your hands or make extra movement with your leg while siting in front of interview. Try not to lower down your sholders and sit straight to show your energy level and correct body language.

Inability to express information clearly

Poor vocabulary and sentence structuring and incorrect pronunciation, negative response to questions because of a lack of knowledge , these all can be major reasons for Inability to express information clearly

What to do? prepare on your CV, collect your strong areas and write it down, write it down to structure it properly and in right equation. Practice it until you don’t speak with confidence and correctly. Seek advice from seniors or a language guru to ensure that your have the correct pronunciation of each words and proper structuring of the sentences.

Negative attitude about past employers or team members

You may not have a good experience with past employer or team members, Its highly recommended not to discuss anything negative about past employer, its highly possible that you may have not understood or handled the situation. If at all possible, button your lips.

No company is interested to hear problems but company is interested to hire you for solutions. If you are planning to sell your CV by talking negative things about previous employers , their are high chances you wont be selected.

Over emphasis on money

We all want money, off course we are working for money too. But its highly advisable to compare your skills and experience with your salary expectations. What to do? negotiate your salary but be reasonable. Check with previous employees, and compare the skills and experience.

Sense of humour to conquer Nervousness

We’re not expecting or encouraging you to crack a joke, but try not to be too serious and ensure that you too get comfortable with the interviewer. What to do? show self-awareness and occasional light-heated answer. But offcourse your self preparation will be key to success, prepare well before any interview and conquer Nervousness.

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