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Law as a career option

Law has always been regarded as a very reputable, lucrative and respectable profession in the Indian community. Historically, Lawyers have been in great demand due to the persistent change in societal and economic situations of the country. In recent times, a greater number of legal representatives for their regulatory role, has been requested by the Government, in order to have a balanced democracy. Being a Lawyer is financially profitable and gives you a sense of adventure because of its exciting occupational nature.

In our civilization, a lot of faith is put into the legal system, and anyone pursuing a career in Law is held in the highest esteem. It is evident that at some point of your life, you would come across a situation where there is a need for legal advice from professionals who can analyse and interpret law in a proper manner. Even though the Indian education system creates a myriad of stressful stages for students, the system itself is rigid and can successfully tap into the academic potential of anyone. The profession of Law can offer a plethora of career opportunities for you to discover and conquer. As a youngster if you are passionate about giving the people of your country a sense of righteousness, then there is a good reason for you to gravitate towards Law as the best career option.

In order to be a part of the legal sphere you are required to have a proficiency in communication, an intense logical reasoning skill, an array of analytical abilities along with the capacity to read and imbibe knowledge. Law schools will help you harness your talents better and add more skills to your resume, making you a professional. Getting into a recognized and reputed law school is definitely not an easy task. The process of becoming a good Lawyer starts in your school life, when you need to start extensively preparing for upcoming entrance exams.

These exams can vary depending on your college preference, if you want to take an admission in any of the National Law Schools, then you need to clear CLAT, whereas if you want to apply for NLU-Delhi then you need to crack AILET and when it comes to IIT Kharagpur, Amity Law School or OP Jindal Global University the exam that you need to prepare for is the LSATs. You can study law irrespective of the stream you opted at school, because a graduate degree in law offers bachelors in disciplines like B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. and B.B.A. After getting a chance to study in a law course under one of these world-renowned universities, you can select your subjects based on your interest and proclivity for the next 3 to 5 years of your degree. By the end of your course, you will be equipped with knowledge and infinite information because of the internships, which will help you choose your specialisation.


Usually, the curriculum for most colleges or universities gets divided in the final year, so you will then be able to choose what type of law you want to practice from, Criminal law, Corporate law, Civil law etc. It is important to note that your academic proficiency will not guarantee you success, as a Lawyer. The benchmark of success in this career path will be your professional competency which will only be acquired through practical experience.

Being a Lawyer is a very rewarding job that will provide you with perks and respect from clients because you will be working on a diverse variety of legal issues presented by the society. You will be getting job security if you are a good lawyer. Law is such a career where you will never be subjected to boredom. There are many obstacles in this career path, but if you persevere enough, you will become a respectable human, beyond your imagination. With age you will become wiser, and will attract more clients because of your experience. While fighting cases in court you might make enemies along the way, but if you have a strong will power to stand up for yourself and make a presence, then you are good to go. This profession is very demanding. There is no room for lethargy in this competitive field.


Choose this career only if you have extreme concentration, and you are willing to work on multiple cases for hours in a given deadline. Being a lawyer is a life-long commitment, the process is lengthy and it can sometimes be hard to balance your professional life with personal. Being a lawyer, you will be taken on a journey of endless learning, self-realization and self-betterment. You will be able to contribute to people’s lives and serve them positively by bringing them justice. The pre-requisites of being a lawyer is to have extreme critical and analytical skill, and you must be able to work hard with dedication and determination.

As an intern at a court your stipend salary could be anything between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 40,000 depending on your performance and the advocate you are under. As a graduate you can earn a monthly salary of Rs.20,000 to Rs.50,000, but this pay is also influenced by your calibre, popularity and success when you were in college.
Being a Lawyer should be a career option for you, only if you are really passionate about serving justice and you are willing to work extremely hard to achieve your goal.

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