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Career as a Mental health specialist

Mental illness is a dismal and frightening issue amongst humans. It has been surveyed that one in every four adults suffer from some type of mental health problem. After decades of unbearable endurance, people became aware and started to protest for the existence and prevalence of mental health. In the past few years, the acceptance and acknowledgment of this issue has successfully increased.

The Indian society has come a very long way and is now better off than it was a century ago because we are considering the possibility of mental health deterioration and illness. But there are merely not enough mental health resources in the country, in order to help people suffering from it. This is mainly because aspiring candidates are not allowed to or do not know how to take up such a profession.

If you have the ability and the desire to accurately help, care, treat and diagnose people suffering from mental illness, you should rest assured that this career path can leave a positive and long-lasting impact in the society. You need to have an empathetic and selfless attitude in order to shine in this career path because that state of mind will help you deal with people suffering from major mental health disorders. You are also required to have a good radar for understanding warning signs from someone who is oblivious of their own suffering.

As a mental health professional with experience, you will be given an approximate salary of Rs. 3.46 lakh annually. Not all jobs are about the amount of money you get, you will be able to really help others battle emotional difficulties, mental instability and behavioural illnesses if you choose this profession. You will also be needed to diagnose people, for which you need to have an excellent interpersonal, communication and listening skill. Being a good critical thinker and having skilled decision-making ability will only make you better at your job. With these skills it will be easy for you to facilitate interaction with adults or teenagers in mental distress.

The mind of these people with such unseen disorders seems to be on fire from all the instability and unsureness, so it will be your responsibility to bring them back to reality and help them survive this darkness.

This line of occupation is expected to grow faster than the average by 2026. If you choose a career in the mental health profession you will be employed by a number of healthcare institutions to help assist patients with mental issues or other problems in need of assistance by related professional treatments. A bachelor’s degree in psychology or any similar course is an important educational requirement with some sort of volunteering experience for the entry-level position of a mental health worker.

As a mental health specialist, you are required to be proficient with both counselling as well as social working skills. You need to have a strong willpower because you will be handling unbalanced individuals with extreme mental illness or substance abuse problems. You need to provide an effective course of treatment in order to help them. If you understand the importance and the core meaning of mental health, then this is the perfect career option for you. Candidates applying for such an occupation are required to have an open mind coupled with hard-working skills and a compassionate attitude.

You need to have a reserved judgment when it comes to working with such individuals suffering from negative mental issues. As a professional you have to diagnose people and help them cope with their illness by various methods like, medical, psychotherapeutic and psycho-social approaches. There are many areas that fall under the job of Mental health specialist like: Psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists, rehabilitation officers and researchers. Your main objective in this profession is to bring the people suffering in the dark depths of their mind, so that they can lead regular social lives independently. You need to figure out the symptoms and make educated decisions in order to help those who are subjected to mental illnesses.

If you are a student looking to start a career in this area of interest, you need to start focusing on your studies especially in the field of psychology. In India, an aggregate of 50% marks is required in all subjects to be eligible to apply for a course in psychology. Your future as a mental health specialist is in your hands. If you want to make a difference in the country, you need to be focused and determined. If you love social work and if you have a strong will to help others suffering from depression and anxiety, then this type of profession will be your best bet. But, before choosing this career you need to have an introspective session, because this job requires a lot of mental strength and positive power. You can help humans be happy and enjoy their life as a mental health specialist.

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