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Selecting Photography As A Career Option

Photography has recently emerged as a lucrative and versatile career option for students having a diverse perspective of looking at life.

The youth of India has been inclining towards this thrilling opportunity due to the tremendous popularity of the media, fashion and advertising industry, in recent times. Photography is an art form that requires perfection which can only be accomplished by lots of practice and persistence.

Photographers use their insights into technical as well as their artistic ability in order to depict stories, create scenarios, deliver moral messages and record events using the pictures or images they produce.

Up until a few years ago, photography was considered to be just a hobby and not a real paying profession, by many Indians. A career in photography is usually lucrative only if the photographer has the passion and the ability to look at the world through the perspective of their camera lens. Photography has emerged as an expression of art and science, making it a popular career choice for people with an artistic, yet scientific soul.

The camera is gradually replacing the paintbrush, because through photography a realistic composition of any natural or manmade object can be portrayed. Photographers can create eloquent stories out of anything, from the beauty of a human body to a mountain scenery. Photos can impart an extensive level of thoughtfulness onto a person that mere words or paintings could rarely do.

When people tend to love their occupation, then everyday could become a holiday, quite literally in a photographer’s case. In order to perform photo shoots in different locations around the world, obviously a lot of traveling is required. This profession usually starts off as a part-time hobby for many, but eventually can turn into a full-fledged career option, if they nurture their skills and talents in a proper manner.

Due to the boom in the e-commerce sector and the demand for more photographers, this field could break out from the shackles of being restricted to weddings and other events. The demand for professional photographers has increased over the last couple of years, creating numerous job opportunities for desired candidates.

You need to focus on improving your understanding of all the manual camera features like, shutter speed, mode, rule of third and aperture, in order to efficiently use them in your work. In order to become a great photographer, you need to work really hard and spend hours behind your camera and learn all the techniques related to photography.

There are many fields in photography that gained popularity due to the hectic life schedule of many people who end up being dependent on various commercial websites, such as:

• Fashion photography for clothing companies,
• Food photography for the food industry,
• Sports photography for the athletes,
• Landscape photography for enthusiasts who love nature,
• Wildlife and pet photography for all species of animals,
• Wedding photography for someone’s special day, etc.

If you want to build a career as a professional photographer, you need to learn the ethics of working with a camera. If photography has been your hobby, then you need to give yourself time to grow, develop and learn from your experiences, before pursuing a full-fledged career in this. The minimum requirement needed to enter this profession is a basic high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in photo-journalism or fine-arts along with a lot of practical work experience.

During your course you will be given assignments that will help you understand the camera and your outdoor and indoor surroundings better. As an aspirant you will be able to have an endless possibility to better learn about the camera aperture, portrait or landscape shots etc. if you focus greatly on these work assignments. They will also help you build up your portfolio by adding great experience to it, which will assist you to find your desired job in this profession.

If you want to shine in this career, you need to have an unparalleled observation power along with a good eye for details. You need to have a curious mind that is powered by natural instincts. Your perception power can be enhanced by training, for which you are required to have discipline. Your intelligence will be the key to your success in the field of photography.

You should be able to intertwine the natural details of your surroundings with your creative skill, in order to click the perfect picture. Your artistic approach and aesthetic taste will contribute to your success. Along with technical skills and knowledge of photography some soft skills are also important, for example you need to have boundless concentration and communicational skills. As a photographer, you will have to choose locations and set up equipment for taking pictures.

You need to do some marketing work for yourself, if you are a freelancer. You need to have good editing skills, because you will be in charge of editing and retouching the images you take. This is a creative career where team work is required, so you need to be able to communicate in the easiest way possible.As a photographer, you are liable to earn Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh per month, depending on your experience and field of expertise.

If you have the necessary qualification, vision and skills, along with a different outlook about life, then being a Photographer will be the best career path for you!

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