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What To Expect As A Cloud Engineer

Today’s time, the world is moving towards full of technologies which help different organisations or individuals in many aspects. Nowadays, data information is that aspect which powers the organisations. There are various companies which are having huge amounts of data so that they can improve decision- making abilities. As a reason for this, load on their cloud server infrastructure is on the rise. Also, the condition of the current market is that they demand immediate fulfilment of the requirements. So, because of this almost all organisations are now migrating their information systems to the cloud server systems.

Cloud systems technologies like Google Kubernetes help organisations in solving the issue of large data and also simultaneously helping in increasing profit margins as well as increasing revenue streams. The profession of Cloud Engineer is that they are responsible for all the technical aspects which comes under Cloud Computing. Associate cloud engineer day to day job includes design, planning, providing support and maintenance. These professionals are involved in working on products and cloud services associated with cloud computing technologies.

Cloud Computing refers to the immediate availability of computer resources for the purpose of storing data and computing several things. This profession of Cloud Engineer may change from the working profile as a Cloud Architect and Software engineer to being a cloud security specialist, so because of this one requires to keep learning and practicing advanced concepts. These positions which we discussed are very important tracks during the career path for Cloud Engineers. Thus, as a result for this, everyone should have the required essential skills that will help a professional be able to deliver cloud services or can help in scaling up the existing services into the cloud server services.

These are essential skills which every beginner Cloud Engineer should have like Knowledge of Working on Databases, Basics Programming knowledge, Working Knowledge of Operating Systems Like Linux, Information Security, Understanding of Various Cloud Services Providers.

There is a stage which you have follow to become a cloud engineer. You must develop the skill set which is required through education. The steps in this becoming a cloud engineer is to do relevant education and build the necessary skills for the employment. You must work on increasing the analytical skills and there are lot of times in which those analytical skill are demonstrated and you can get these skills by education. Though there are some time in which the education requirements for the position of cloud engineer may be ambiguous, getting a degree or certificate in a field can help you stand out.


Although there are some employers those who may prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree, while there are some who requires a master’s degree in computer science or relevant field. There are some other options available is that you can pursue a graduate certificate. You must obtain the necessary certification such as AWS Practitioner and Associate certifications will be really helpful for the employers to know what a prospective employees knows.

There are different job roles in Cloud Engineer that can be classified into:
• The first is Entry-level Cloud Engineers in this level have a very limited set of job role in the industry. For this specific reason, you should have the proficiency in technologies in any of the available cloud service provider like AWS is more than enough to start the career in Cloud Engineer path. The work of entry level cloud engineer is mostly have a job responsibility that requires having a basic understanding in any one cloud service provider, maintenance, and configuring applications. If you starting in this position, salary in this position is in the range of Rs.3,00,000 and Rs.8,00,000 Per Anum.


• The second position is Mid-level Cloud Engineers in this they deal with the requirements gathering, design, code, and integrate and implement solutions in the cloud. The solutions they will provide are required to be productive and at the same time fool-proof. Mid-level engineers also involved in providing support to business functionalities and the infrastructure which is essential for deploying solutions in the cloud. So, considering all these things of work of mid-level cloud engineers, their salary package is in the range of ₹1,100,000–2,000,000 PA. But, to get job in this mid-level position, you must have the professional work experience of 3 to 5 years.

• The third is Senior-level Cloud Engineers is they mainly involve in contributing and providing support to the corporate enterprise, cloud strategy, standards, DevOps methodology, Agile Project Management, and the best practices corresponding with all kind of cloud offering services. In Addition to this, Senior engineers also work in developing and implementing the internal systems, process, and following the best practices to be utilized by other teams for the purpose of boosting productivity of cloud technology. The senior engineer will make sure that the solutions which is designed are for successful deployment, security, cost-effectively and have high availability in the cloud. This senior level engineer salary is in the range of ₹2,400,000 to ₹4,000,000 PA.

The job timing in this career is usually from 9 am to 5pm, though sometimes some incidents may happen in cloud service during night due to this you have to work in that time to deal with the issue. The work pressure of cloud engineer may change from the company to company. In some companies, work of cloud engineer is high meeting with deadlines, although in some company like large corporates, they have less stress due to many employees working in the cloud technology. But, Cloud engineer jobs is in huge demand because there a loads of data to manage.

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