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Windows 11 Release Date, News Updates & Specifications

Windows 11.1 Download Free: Windows 11.1 – Finally the official name of the 11.1 has been announced by Microsoft. Not to mention Windows 11.1 is the biggest update from Microsoft. The company has the potential to come with great updates. Microsoft has been doing the same for a number of years. The minor updates which will be installed in it are equally important like Windows 11.1 Updates.

Windows 11.1 (Windows 11) Updates & Specifications

  1. Windows 11 Download and Installation
  2. What’s New in Windows 11
  3. windows 11.1 new update
  4. Windows 11.1 release date & updates
  5. Windows 11.1 release date & updates
  6. Windows 11.1 Security
  7. Hardware requirements for Windows 11.1
  8. How to download windows 11.1 ISO
  9. Windows 11.1 Service pack
  10. Windows Subsystem Enhancements for Linux
  11. Windows 11 will support TLS 1.3

Windows 11.1 Download And Installation

  • Windows 11 Download

To download it, you just have to through easy procedures –

  1. Go to Windows Update
  2. You will find Update or Installation Option
  3. Install quickly.
  4. Finish it
  • Windows 11 Installation

If auto updates does not come automatically  then you have to force the search for updates you have to go to

  1. Settings
  2. Update and security
  3. Windows Update
  4. Check for updates.

It will test your patient because, as usual, the whole launch procedure is gradual and Windows 11 may not appear on your device.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11.1 will be in July 2021 update. Comparatively last year they came up with a minor update where Windows was installed as a minor Update. After huge success in Windows 8 & Windows 10 stacks will be high for Windows 11. As a matter of fact a future update of Windows 10 continues to be referred to as ‘Sun Valley‘, comments by Microsoft business executive Satya Nadella recommend that Windows eleven could also be additional of a reality than some thinking.


With Build 2021 currently finished and solely a smattering of hints towards consecutive unharness of Windows, users are curious on whether or not we tend to might even see ‘Sun Valley’ seem sooner, with incoming of a fully-fledged Windows 11 at the end of 2021. Microsoft is holding a Windows event later this month. the image itself is telling, with the shade of the Windows emblem virtually forming associate degree eleven, aboard the event beginning at eleven am.

As we start to create an image of what to expect, here is everything we all know up to now a few potential Windows eleven, the successor to Windows 10.

What’s new in Windows 11

As we previously know Windows 11 is come with some new features with its latest updates. There will be some monthly Windows Update Patches for the users. Windows 11 Download and Installation will be fast this time. But the features will work in traditional way. Let’s talk about the new updates in brief.

  • This is the first version of the operating system which comes without the classic version of Edge (Like Windows 10).
  • The only browser included by default in this OS is the new Chromium-based Edge.
  • No inbuild Flash Player.
  • Adobe plug-in lacks all kinds of support.
  • Security updates have also been included for all Windows system components
    such as Cryptography, the AI platform, Windows Virtualization, App Platform and Frameworks, Apps, Office Media, Fundamentals, the Kernel, and Windows Media.


windows 11.1 new update

Back in 2015 when Microsoft launched Windows 10, Microsoft declared that there would be no Windows 11 in the future, however technology changes overtimes, and there is solely goodbye you’ll continue the Windows 10. Apple technically did it and they did it for 10 years till macOS 11 geographic region arrived, which whole does not have a similar size of the client base for a brand new variety.

Windows Central report says that the interior timeline for the Windows 11 unharnesses points to October (Gregorian calendar month), with testing through the Windows business executive channels before then. To roll out a serious update for Windows 10, for users who doesn’t need to upgrade to Windows eleven simply nonetheless if it will get proclaimed.

Windows 11.1 release date & updates

Microsoft has not provided any information about the updates till now. If users enrolled in the Windows 11 insider program, in the Beta version they may be able to Download and Use Windows 11. Though there will be some glitches and errors waiting for the users. The Beta version may occur problems until the Official release of Windows 11. The Update may come in between July to October. We will have wait until Official Announcement from Microsoft.

Windows 11.1 Hardware requirement







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