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Workplace Etiquette: The Do’s

We have already discussed on what not to do at work place and now lets discuss some of the important points to consider at work and “The Do’s” for Workplace Etiquette. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced employee these things matters the most and should be considered at any company or work-place.

Arrive early.

You are expected to be punctual – Everyday. And its highly recommended that you arrive early. Start early to reach early. There’s famous advice in corporate world – arrive before your managers arrive at work and stay until they leave. And not only this but considering unplanned traffic and other cause of delay, it’s not recommended to give excuses at work. A person who is late at work is noticed and highlighted by all.

Network with people.

It’s very important to take networking opportunities at work very seriously, especially when you are starting your new job. Introduce yourself to others and know your team members and people from other departments. This will help you explore and increase your knowledge about your company and other department functionalities. Connecting with other employees will expand your resources and you never know which team or person will help you complete your project.

You can speak to people with similar interests who can share some expert or professional advice from their past experiences that you can utilize at work and for your growth. Its recommended to take networking opportunities seriously at work, you may want to utilize your breaks or lunch hours to get started with this activity.

Willingness to help your co-worker.

Team work is the most important factor which is only considered but also appreciated by management. Never hesitate to help your peers or co-workers to achieve business goal. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience, and also show your ability to be a team player.

Celebrate with others

Yes, you will spend most of the hours with your team members and at work, always include them for all good reasons, and include them in parties and celebrate all good reasons with them. Your such gesture will not only make you approachable to others but this will also make it easier to work with entire team members.

Professional email handling. You may be friendly with your co-workers but its highly advisable to be strictly professional while handling any emails. Emails are documented and taken as the most important documentation of work. It’s important how you communicate with others. Just because a person is junior to you, you cannot be causal to that person on email and similarly if a person is senior to you doesn’t mean you will be professionalism will be only limited to your seniors. How you will handle emails will be followed by many other co-workers from your company. Complete your unfinished work. Company may not have similar work pressure and its normal to miss out on any work, resulting unfinished task. Yes in corporate world assigned task may change as per the priority of the work . Do keep a checklist and reminders in place to help you remind and finish all your assigned work. Try to ensure that your incomplete work is not noticed and you are not highlighted for not finishing your assigned task.

Be flexible.

As mentioned earlier the work load and work pressure may not be always same, you may be asked to work from remote – even after your shift, you may be asked to stay back or come bit early. Its highly recommended to be flexible and understand the business requirement. You goal is to work for company success and you need to be flexible. Yes, it may not be always possible to be flexible due t personal responsibilities but you simply should not ignore this and loose an opportunity to grab any extra work. Every single contribution you make matters and will be considered for your further growth in company. After all who want to lose their best employees.

Appropriate Dress at Work.

Ensure that your dressing sense is not hurting any business policies or disturbing workplace environment. It is always recommended to dress to impress, especially when you are starting a new job. Ensure you work on your overall hygiene and dressing sense which is appreciated by others and you can be presentable at work.

Remember its ok to make mistakes but you need to ensure that similar mistakes are not repeated at work, your every action will impact the workplace and may also impact overall productivity. Try to learn new things at work and help your management reach new goals by your innovative ideas and contributions.

You are required at work because company believe in you, you need to fulfill their expectations. Be stable with your job and try not to switch job frequently, give sufficient days, months and years to develop professional skills and excel your existing skills. No company is first and last company and whatever you will learn will help you in any other company and professional network. Feel free to approach management to seek more clarity on your growth and required trainings.

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