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Workplace Etiquette: The Don’ts

Yes it matters, Workplace Etiquette defines you and your company. Your professional career will have a huge impact how you present yourself inside office and how you interact with those around you. Every single person in your office matters, whether it’s your peer, seniors, new employee or managers. Let’s figure out and highlight most important factors of Workplace Etiquette – What no to do at Workplace !

Personal conversations at work.

Personal conversation needs to be handled carefully, weather its phone, chat or text message, its highly unprofessional to have personal conversation at work or at your desk. Find out a separate place where you can actually have personal conversation without disturbing others or exposing your private talks at workplace. Try not to distract yourself and action this during your break schedule to ensure your own work is not disturbed, it might be a good idea to step outside to have any kind of private conversations.

Having a personal conversation at work and specially at your desk, between conference or a meeting can be highly unprofessional and can be distracting to the co-workers.

No room for emotions at work.

It’s highly recommended and best advised not to bring your emotions at your work and leave it at your own place. Honestly these things does not matters to your employers and may result in exposing your weaknesses and end to a gossip story. Its highly recommended to stay focused at your work and reach out to the HR team to resolve any emotional help you are looking to get back on track or things which are working against your performance.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

No question is stupid or foolish to ask ! Always seek required information or clear your doubts rather than failing at work or working with half information. Asking questions will help you clarify expectations.

Say no to gossip.

Who don’t like to gossip, but say no to gossip at work. Whether it’s related to your co-workers or your manager treat the company as whole and do not hurt any sentiments or emotions by passing unnecessary gossip or comments.

Gossiping can break others trust in you and portray you as someone who can’t be, honestly it won’t help you reach your professional goals.

Behave while at Corporate Parties and Work Social

Company outings and corporate parties are normal these days. Nowadays companies are planning success parties and even organising rewards and recognition by organizing a special even outside office. It’s important not to forget that you are still with your company and represent your company while at social parties.

How you behave and how you treat others will impact and may end up in odd situation or an escalation at work. Your behavior, and what you chose to dress up and represent yourself will be observed by all your peers and entire company.

Professional Email Writing.

Emails at work doesn’t require to be serious all the time, but you will have to maintain a sense of professionalism. Many companies may allow use of casual language, emojis and relaxed conversation but most of the company expect a high level and professional email handling skills and professional writing. Its highly recommended to be professional while writing or handling any emails at work.
“Reply” or “Reply All” while handling emails.

When you are handling emails, its important for you to first understand the difference between “Reply” and “Reply All” , you need to be very careful while handling workplace or official emails. Before you reply – consider whether your reply is intended for all or only limited to the sender, “replying all,” may embarrass you or put you in odd situation if the required detail or reply was only meant for you and was not be shared with others.

Ensure correct people are included in emails and confidential information is not shred to wrong recipients.

Don’t talk back to your boss.

You may disagree to your manager or management, or may go against their point of view but its highly recommended not to talk back to your seniors or managers. They may be wrong and you may think you are correct but there is always a professional way of keeping your points in a professional way.

Always show respect to your seniors and management and also trust them and their experience. If you think something is not going in a correct way seek for more information and put your points in a better way. You should always feel free to share your thoughts but the way that you do this matters a lot.

Don’t overstep your boundaries.

Always remember to respect your peers no matter they are senior or juniors, even vendors and other staffs expect you to respect them. Never cross your boundaries to hurt someone respect or emotions. It’s observed that with growth and success people re tend to become over confidence and may cross their limit to disrespect others. What you do will set a trend and an example which others may start following.

Don’t forget to check your essentials.

This one might sound silly, but you need to keep a check on your essential stuffs which you need not borrow or bother others to help you at work place. It can be a small stuffs, your own body order, an umbrella or a hanky, you need to ensure that you look neat and clean and don’t rely on others to make you perfect at work.

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